Working to develop the next generation of racers

Our name, Steen,  is the Flemish word which means stone … we chose this name for two reasons, first, it reflects our connection to Belgium and its infamous cobbles. Second, Steen is much easier to say than kasseien, the more correct term for cobblestones.

Belgium is a cycling paradise and the racing literally happens year round. We love being based here in the mecca of cycling. There is always a race, be it on the road, track, mountain bike or cyclocross that is held every weekend of the year. That my friends is a lot of Jupiler and friets!

The roots of Steen Wear are in Belgium and we continue our connection through our partnership with The ChainStay, a cycling house at the base of the Flemish Ardeens in Oudenaarde. It is important to help foster the next generation of riders and our support of The ChainStay fits with our goals completely.

The ChainStay’s development programs provide riders the opportunity to do more race, in less time, with less travel and with the most cost efficient way of anywhere on the planet. We will be using the numerous guests each year, ranging from your average cycling fan to young youth racers, to continually evaluate our clothing, provide feedback and test the clothing in all that Belgium can toss at them.

Be sure to check back often for updates on our partnership and be sure to follow The ChainStay on their blog, Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all things Belgian and cycling.