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Our name, Steen,  is the Flemish word which means stone … we chose this name for two reasons, first, it reflects our connection to Belgium and its infamous cobbles. Second, Steen is much easier to say than kasseien, the more correct term for cobblestones. Belgium is a cycling paradise and the racing literally happens year […]

What sets Steen Wear a cut above?

Steen Wear's Full Length Hidden Zipper for cycling apparel

Steen Wear works off a simple principle. Everything we make, we make it expertly and to last. It’s with this guiding principle that we produce awesome cycling clothing. Our quality doesn’t just come from some simplistic mantra of words, but from action through our attention to detail. It is these small design elements that separate […]

We present you – Steen Wear – Quality Cycling Apparel

Steen Wear was started with a simple purpose – create quality, long lasting, feature rich products. Pieces that become your “go-to” clothing and reflect well on you, your team and your sponsors. It was with this mantra that we set about creating all our clothing.

A convergence of details and design – Steen Wear Pro Jersey

The Tour of Flanders is by and far the most known race of Belgium, but what makes this particular race, which uses many of the same roads as other well known races, better? For me it’s the way the race brings together details, in it’s case, the famous and sometimes infamous kassie bergs, and designs […]