Three Cobblestone Logo of Steen Wear

Steen - Flemish for Stone

Each of the three cobbles in our logo represents one of the three qualities that define Steen Wear.


Steen Wear is built like the distinguished cobbled roads of Belgium – engineered to endure. Our clothing is designed to be your go-to clothing of choice for all your rides and enjoyed for years.


In Belgium you have the word “Flandrien”. It is not just a noun used to describe the legendary hard-men of Belgian cycling, but also a verb; describing tireless work ethic and craftsmanship. We strive to bring the Flandrien essence to our clothing – High Quality – No Compromise.


Despite our pursuit of the traditional Flandrien philosophy, we pursue new technology and innovation. At Steen Wear we continually evolve our clothing and use the latest and best fabrics available. Innovation that allows you to be comfortable no matter the weather and focus on enjoying your ride.

Our Story

Steen Wear’s roots are firmly planted on the cobblestone roads of Belgium. Founded by Gregg Germer, an American from Texas, who came to Belgium in the early 2000’s to become a professional cyclist in Europe. It was here he fell in love with the sport to a whole new level, progressed from the amateur ranks to the professional ranks, and raced on the legendary roads of Belgian lore. After his retirement in 2007, Gregg and his wife, established The ChainStay in Oudenaarde; in the heart of Belgium’s cycling heritage. It was always his dream to create a place where riders could come and learn to race in the heart of the cycling world, Flanders, but soon he found himself wanting to do more for the riders of the house.

Gregg searched for sponsorship for the house, but was spending a rather large amount of time and energy in it’s search. Even if he was going to be successful, it would be the same story in just a year or two, the nature of sponsorship. So Gregg knew there had to be a better way and from that frustration of wasted effort Steen Wear was born. The vast number of guests coming to the house allowed Gregg to see many varieties of team kit, riders of all levels of ability and fitness. Gregg spent several years listening, thinking, plotting and building up the plan for how Steen Wear would bring something new and better to the cycling market and in 2014 launched Steen Wear fully. Steen Wear is able to leverage it’s relationship with The ChainStay to allow us to vet and test our clothing a numerous riders before we make it available to the public.

At our base, Steen Wear is about one thing, awesome clothing. We want to make clothing that is your first choice when you go for a ride and we are committed to making it right. Beyond clothing we look to provide a path of development for riders wanting to race at the highest level and invest back into the sport of cycling to keep our sport growing.