Here you will find our sizing guide for all our clothing. Please follow the measurements below to find the best fit for each item of clothing we sell.

Our clothing range is split into Men/Unisex and Women’s Sizing, it is then split into a Pro Cut and a Club Cut for different items. Be sure to check which cut the item you are ordering is.


The above image shows which measurement corresponds with the below measurements. It is preferable to have someone help you with these measurements and to be more accurate, take the measurement three times and average.

Chest (A) — Chest measurement as preformed under the arm pits. Your chest should be in a relaxed position and not inflated with air.

Waist (B) — Waist measurement that is take from just above the hip bones. Your actual pant size (ie. 30″ jeans) doesn’t always reflect well the size of this measurement and clothing brands often vary in actual size of the waist depending on their fit.

Hip (C) — Hip measurement taken at the widest point of your hips all the way around

Inseam (D) — Inseam measurement is taken from the highest point of the crotch to the top of the ankle bone. You can conversely take the full inseam measurement against a wall and then subtract the length to the top of the ankle bone.

Thigh (E) — Measure the circumference of the leg mid way up the thigh.

Bicep (F) — Measure the roundest part of the bicep, non-flexed

Arm Length (G) — A more accurate measurement would be from the wrist to the start of your arm pit, as measured on the underside of the arm.

Head (H) — Measure the circumference of the head about 2cm above the ears, approximately where a cap would rest on your head.

Zipper Length — This is the total length of the zipper, from top of the collar to the bottom of the jersey.

Pit-to-Pit — This is taken across a jersey lain flat and from the seam of arm pit to another arm pit. This measurement works only with non-aero style jerseys that are not body flush. The aero/body flush jerseys generally measure much smaller and do no provide a good reference when comparing one jersey to another for this purpose.

Shorts Inseam — This measurement is taken from the central intersection of the seams (just under the chamois pad) following the seam along the inner thigh. This measurement is helpful for finding a pair of shorts that has the same length as a pair you already own.

Shoe Covers — Please use your corresponding shoe size to choose the appropriate size Aero Shoe Cover

Each sizing chart below will help you select your correct sized clothing. We provide some levity to our charts rather than a set size. This is to help you choose between either two sizes. (IE. Your chest puts you between a Small and a Medium, but you tend to find the length of Small jerseys to little, you can move up to a Medium. You can also check the Zipper Length to help better compare sizing).