A convergence of details and design – Steen Wear Pro Jersey

The Tour of Flanders is by and far the most known race of Belgium, but what makes this particular race, which uses many of the same roads as other well known races, better? For me it’s the way the race brings together details, in it’s case, the famous and sometimes infamous kassie bergs, and designs them in such a way that symphony of pain brings forth a performance that we all celebrate. We took a similar approach with our Pro Jersey. We began with the small details and arranged them into a perfection of jersey design.

How did we construct such a design. Our base for jersey is a High Stretch Premium Lycra that we like to call Pro Tech. Both amazingly soft and technically superior we fell in love with Pro Tech the first time we used it.

Holding together our Pro Tech is the use of full Flatlock Stitching for superior strength and comfort with tight fitting clothing.

Pro Tech’s high elasticity, smooth flatlock stitching and compression arm cuffs produce a tight aerodynamic fit at one of the most forward points of contact with the wind.

Full Gel Grippers on the bottom of the jersey to keep the Steen Wear Pro Jersey from riding up and staying aero.

A full length hidden zipper for full control over your ventilation and an uninterrupted flow of your design

Mesh Tech + under the arms to increase heat management and provide a better fit

We print our clothing label directly on the collar for increased comfort

Our 2-way stretch Mech Tech fabric on the rear panel brings full ventilation. The panel only stretches horizontally to hug your body, but won’t stretch when loaded down with food and water. It also keeps you cooler than traditional jerseys which can keep you from having to unzip the jersey and losing much of your aero benefits.

Finally we have articulated rear pockets for easier access when in and aero tuck using such a tight jersey. We even add additional stitching for increased durability.

It would be quite hard to pack any more features into this jersey!