Partners in the Community


At the core of every cycling community there is the local bike shop. In a world where LBS’s are becoming less and less, where manufacturers are becoming ever aggressive with pricing and quotas, Steen Wear wants to change the game and work together with bike shops as partners in building, growing and developing the cycling community as a whole.

With this in mind we are looking for partners throughout the US, Canada and Europe (actually, everywhere someone rides a bike!) to work together to make both our business’s grow. Sentiment is nice, but what can we do for you and how can we make things work better for bike shops.

Discount Pricing - 50%

For shops that would like to do Custom Clothing orders of 50 items or more we offer a discount of 50% off our normal pricing. Affordable enough to give discounted prices of clothing to club members and still be able to make a nice profit from sale within the shop. If your shop does orders of 200+ items, please contact us for even better custom pricing based on your needs and orders.

50% Pricing Examples

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Partner with Steen Wear today and let us be your custom clothing provider for your shop and team!

Special One-off Prices for 50+ orders

  • RG Rain Jacket – $50 each – The retail version of our RG Jacket is available to shops who would like to sell our amazing jacket with their branding on the rear pockets. An MSRP of $120 leaves a lot of profit to be made.
  • Neck Warmers – $6 each (discounted 62%) – perfect one-size item for either give away, retail sale ($16 to $20 MSRP) and brand building
  • Team Tech Jackets – $30 (discounted 68%!) – perfect for staff at the shop and events.

Discount Pricing - 35%

We also understand large Custom Clothing orders are not always possible for some shops. For those who would like to make smaller orders from 16 to 49 items a standing 35% discount is always available. Contact us and let us know what your needs are, future plans and we can see what we can do together.

Retail Clothing

In the near future Steen Wear will be releasing it’s line up of performance retail apparel. Our retail line will be aimed at the higher end market of cycling, but with a solid price point to keep the products affordable for a large percentage of customers. Quality products at a fair price.

Steen Wear has a solid commitment to bike shops through what we are calling a “first point of sales priority”. Clothing is unique in the world of retail as it’s very individual and is a retail experience that is hard to replicate online. Therefore we want to push consumers to touch, try and experience our clothing first hand in stores rather than online. Having happy customers is our first priority and we would rather a customer try and not buy our product than sell it online and have them disappointed. Our retail model will first direct consumers to our retail partners first, rather than buying online. We believe in not undercutting our main point of contact with the consumer, so we will always be pricing our clothing for sale on the web at full MSRP. Bike shops will only be able to sell product in a retail setting with the Steen Wear website being the sole web-point of sales.

If you have an suggestions, ideas, thoughts on the subject of retail experience of bike shops, brand and bike shop partnerships or ways to make the cycling industry as a whole better by working together; please get in contact directly with Steen Wear’s owner, Gregg Germer at to let him know your ideas.