BERG Fork Mount Adapter System

The BERG Fork Mount was born out of necessity. One day Gregg was bringing a group of cyclists to a race, and realized that he had a problem. There were three different types of fork axle standards! There were of course regular Quick Release bikes, but also 12mm Thru Axle bikes, and a 15mm Thru Axle bike. This presented a bit of a problem, as he had only two 12mm adapters. Why only two adapters? Because they are so expensive! Having space for 12 bikes would mean spending $60 for each adapter for a Quick Release to a 12mm adapter. Worse yet, you still have 15mm thru axle bikes, Boost 15mm and 20mm downhill mountain bike axle standards that all need adapters. It’s adapters for days, and the costs just keep adding up! 

BERG Fork Mount Adapter Set for bicycles

On the drive to the race that day with some of the bikes riding inside the van, Gregg dreamed up a better solution. That day the BERG Fork Mount was born. We designed our system from the ground up with versatility in mind. First, we have the ability to adapt to:

  • 9mm Quick Release
  • 9mm Thru Axle
  • 12mm Thru Axle
  • 15mm Thru Axle 
  • 15mm Boost Thru Axle (110mm)
  • 20mm Thru Axle (110mm)
Replaceable End Caps for the BERG Fork Mount Adapter


The design of the base mount leaves room to create new and inexpensive caps, to adapt to any new standards that the bicycle industry may come up with next. If you have a different standard for a special fork, let us know about it and we can work together to make that adapter happen!

The BERG Fork Mount is made from rust-resistant aluminum and powder coated to protect it from the elements. It is designed to stand up to the harsh environment of living outside mounted on top of a vehicle. Each end cap adapter is anodized to give it even more protection from the elements. 

The base of the BERG Fork Mount has a wide platform, which allows the mount to be secured via many different options. You can use the 4 corners with 1/4inØ holes to screw the base into a wooden plank. A simple option for carrying your bikes in the back of a van or truck. You can also use the outer mounts to secure your BERG Fork Mount on square bar stock up to 40mm or 1.5 inch wide.

Mounting Options for the BERG Fork Mount Adapter

The center mounted holes allow you to bolt the mount through almost any surface or bar stock on the market. You can also easily mount it to any t-track system or the popular 80/20 track system cleanly and easily.


Finally, with adapters that are in development, you can easily add and adjust the BERG Fork mount to different sizes of round pipe up to 1inØ plumbing pipe. The adapters make it very easy to turn your truck or trailer into a secure bike transport option.

Organizing Case for BERG Fork Mount Adapter

We have designed a protective storage case to house all the end caps so you have a secure place to keep them organized and handy. Each storage case comes with space for up to 4 sets of end caps, plus space for your 9mm Quick Release and 15mm Boost spacers. We are also including a set of 20 and 24mm wrenches with each BERG Fork Mount, so you have the correct size wrench handy at all times. 


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